Suzanne Zeman specializes in helping people discover and articulate what they really care about and making their ideas happen. She helps her clients mobilize for, plan and implement action, build identity, and act in accordance with their standards. Together they reveal structures that constrict or inhibit fruitful actions and design practices that promote actions for creating desired results.  She works with the whole self, helping her clients develop presence, receive and express inspiration, and strengthen their talents to be the best they can be.

She brings 30 years of experience to her work as an executive and business coach. She has worked with entrepreneurs, managers, and organizations (from non-profits to Fortune 500s) to help clarify and accomplish a vision or objective.  She has coached and trained people whose careers are in transition; has designed and implemented plans for generating businesses; and she has worked with people individually and in groups on communication, disciplines and practices of commitment-based management, and building and sustaining high performance teams.

 As a senior consultant with the consulting firm Dublin Group, she developed communications strategies and implementation plans for Philips Consumer Electronics and communication, education strategies and implementation plans for Wendy’s International.  She also organized all of the educational programs to support the North American organizational redesign of Levi Strauss. She led a national program of reading and study groups for women, using the principles of generative language and life design. Her clients include executives, managers, and teams (see Client List).

Suzanne began her career as a research chemist, and then became an entrepreneur.  In the process, she turned her research skills from chemistry to people, with a specific focus on understanding how people learn and communicate. She has worked for large organizations, non-profits, medium and small businesses, and has managed local, regional and national sales and production teams.  Her perspective begins with clarifying who someone aspires to become, then designing and implementing the actions to get there. She currently coaches managers and executives in the three-year Generative Leadership Program and is on the faculty of the Institute for Generative Leadership. She is a certified master somatic coach by Strozzi Institute. She coaches executive women in the yearlong Power of Self program and is a guest faculty member at the Hudson Institute. She is a certified practitioner of Core Individuation™, a discipline that works with the human energetic structure. She teaches teleclasses, plays violin, gardens, and has published Listening to Bodies: A Somatic Primer for Coaches, Managers and Executives.




BS, Douglass College (Rutgers University)
MS, Chemistry, Tufts University
Action In Management, Enterprise Performance
Company of Leaders, Enterprise Performance


Ontological Design Course (3 years) with Dr. Fernando Flores
Mastering the Art of Professional Coaching, certified ontological coach with Newfield Network

Somatic Education with Strozzi Institute and Dr. Richard Heckler:

Somatics and Action, Somatics and Leadership (2 years)
Somatic Bodywork Seminar (3 years), Leadership and Mastery
Certified Master Somatic Coach

Certified Leadership Circle Profile™ assessment coach, Print™ coach, and Core Individuation™ practitioner