Working with Suzanne has been instrumental in transforming my experience of my own business and employees. Our internal communications are now much clearer, and we’ve identified areas in our operations that had been taking up significant resources yet produced little value.

I personally am different at work now, which has changed the overall mood here for the better. Our employee turnover rate has sharply decreased as we’ve been able to retain the cream of the crop.

Daniel Waldman
President, Forester Media



I highly recommend Suzanne Zeman – she is an outstanding coach. Her knowledge of industry, organizational development, corporate cultures, leadership principles and somatics is extremely valuable. She has excellent listening and observation skills, quickly understands complex issues, gives pragmatic, concrete feedback and encourages change in an urgent yet supportive style.

I am responsible for an organization generating $1B revenue per year. I was leading the organization through a significant merger while adding responsibility for a second organization. Suzanne coached me through this challenging period, providing insight as a thought partner, contributed to the creation of innovative approaches and correspondingly improved my ability to manage this assignment with less stress. As a result the company goals for my organization and me were successfully achieved and we have been recognized and rewarded.

Shaunna Black
Vice President, Texas Instruments, Inc.



I started my journey with Suzanne with some level of apprehension.  I had worked with a professional coach before and did not find it to be particularly helpful or worth the commitment of time.  I feared I was walking into a similar situation that would be “one more thing” I had to schedule and check off the list.  My fears were wholly unfounded.  Suzanne has provided me with the space and loving prodding necessary for me to make meaningful and difficult changes in my life.  She holds me accountable and pushes just enough to help me be the best that I can be while always feeling safe and supported.  She has coached me through both personal and professional struggles, and I have no doubt my decision making and results are better because of her influence.  I’ve been working with Suzanne for well over a year, and this has been the most productive and rewarding time of my life.  I feel more confident and capable than ever before.  While I credit myself with that change, I honor and recognize that Suzanne was the catalyst and cheerleader every step of the way.  Suzanne is more than my coach, she has become a trusted friend I love dearly.  I wish everyone could give themselves the gift of this quality of coaching, as it is truly transformational. 

Amanda Bigbee
General Counsel, Keller Independent School District



Suzanne helped me see the culture issues in my organization that were impeding progress, and she has given me the self-confidence and ongoing support to address those issues so we could be more productive. During the time I have been coached by Suzanne, our division has experienced phenomenal growth, I was promoted from Director to Vice President, and I have consistently received appraisals stating that my performance “exceeds expectations”. Some of this is due to the change initiatives I have spearheaded, and my contributions in those areas have been greatly influenced by Suzanne’s coaching.

Not only does Suzanne coach on the issues people usually confront in a corporate environment, but she also provides coaching on somatic tendencies. Suzanne was my coach for at least two years before I met her in person, and she was still able to provide coaching on somatics over the telephone. This is surely a special skill!

Janet Byrne Smith
Vice President, e-Scholastic Operations



I have had the privilege and opportunity of working with some great mentors throughout my career, and I can say that I would not be where I am at today, if these individuals had not been part of my life, and been willing to “pay-it-forward”.   However, in addition to this, I can honestly say that, nothing has impacted my life, both on a personal and professional level, the way that coaching has.  My personality is such that when I am presented with an opportunity that will “change my life” my initial response is “prove it”.   I found myself at a real cross roads with the job I had and looking for direction and answers.  Thankfully, I connected with an individual that really did change my life in a way that no one had ever done before.

My coach took a broken confused individual and helped transform her into the “best version” of herself. My coach knew when to apply kindness and compassion so that I could move forward, but on the flip side, she also knew when to apply a firm but guiding touch that would move me beyond my negative self-doubt feelings. Coaching helped me tap into the best part of myself, and to become the best version of myself. I would not be the calm, confident women that I am today if it were not for Suzanne, as she really did “change my life”.

My life’s greatest accomplishment has always been being a mother, but I can say that coaching has added a new dimension to my life, and it is the addition of this new dimension, that I would like to include as my second “greatest accomplishment”.

Because of my experience with coaching, I have decided to become a coach myself. If I can impact the life of one person the way my life has been impacted by Suzanne, I will leave this life with a full bucket!

Jeannie Cloud
HR Director, Choctaw Nation